How to Recover Personal Injury Damages without Going to Court

Whether you’ve been bitten by a dog, sidelined by a falling branch or devastated by a recent car crash, getting compensation for your pain, suffering and losses is a very important part of your recovery. The truth of the matter, however, is that most injury victims don’t have the energy, time, peace of mind or even the physical ability to prepare for major court cases. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to settle a claim and get the compensation you deserve without having to take your case before a judge. Following is everything that you need to know about how to recover personal injury damages without going to court.

Get the Right Attorney for Your Case

Unless you’ve been in a debilitating, disfiguring or otherwise life-altering event, most insurance companies will be reticent to pay the high costs of going to court. This remains true even though these entities are backed by major and well-known law firms and have far more money at their disposal for legal battles than do most claimants. It is generally cheaper for insurers to settle outside of court by assessing the details of individual cases, negotiating with claimant attorneys, and paying out damages according to the current standards for specific injuries and events. It is also undeniably cheaper for claimants as well.

However, you still have to align yourself with a Manhattan personal injury attorney in order to successfully see your claim through. This professional will have a far better ability to assign a reasonable dollar amount to your damages and losses. Your attorney will also be better prepared for dealing with the savvy negotiation tactics of seasoned insurance adjusters.

Seek Medical Help Right Away

To get a settlement for legal injuries, especially if you want to avoid having to see the inside of a courtroom, make haste and see a doctor as soon as you possibly can. Having a medical professional document your injuries validates them in a way that your complaints of pain and distress cannot. In fact, claimants are legally entitled to seek different types of medical care as needed.

For instance, if a trip to the emergency room and a prescription, muscle relaxer haven’t alleviated your pain, consider working with a chiropractor or physical therapist to identify the root of your musculoskeletal injuries and have them resolved. Not only is this a great way to expedite your recovery, but it also bolsters your case. When multiple medical professionals are all in agreement about the damages that you have sustained, insurance companies will have little ground to argue on. A good attorney can assist you in collecting proper documentation of your injuries and sharing this documentation with the responsible party’s attorney.

Collect Evidence

In the age of smartphones and other mobile, camera-bearing devices, it’s wise to snap as many photographs of the accident scene and your injuries as you can. Creating a veritable photo-journal that details how your injuries were sustained, the conditions of the environment, and the people around you is also an excellent way to build your case. The more evidence that you’re able to collect, the less likely insurers are to take your case to trial.

Never Admit Fault

Even though you might be dazed and disoriented after an injury event, always be sure to hold your tongue. In fact, you want to have your attorney speak on your behalf as much as you possibly can. You never want to make any verbal admission of fault or make any other statements that might muddle your claim. If you’re ever caught on record saying that you might be responsible for the damages that you’ve sustained, you may find yourself having to go to court in order to get the compensation you need and deserve.



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